As a bookseller, I'm fortunate enough to receive reading copies of books from publishers on a regular basis. This, combined with my exponentially growing TBR list, means I rarely have time to accept outside review requests. If you would like me to review your book (and understand that I may not get round to it straight away!) please read the following information first before submitting a request. Thank you!


  • This is primarily a children's book blog so I will only consider review requests for children's books (picture books, Middle Grade and YA). Please don't send me requests for adult books unless they are LGBTQ+!

  • I read all genres of children's books though when it comes to YA I prefer contemporary to fantasy. I am not a particular fan of historical fiction and non-fiction books. That's not to say I won't read these genres at all - it's just that I'll be selective about the titles I review.

  • I read a lot of LGBTQ+ titles - both fiction and non-fiction - and am always looking to grow my collection. I'm open to reading adult titles in this genre and I'm especially interested in picture books and Middle Grade titles that feature queer representation.

  • I am not currently accepting review requests for self-published books or eBooks.


All my reviews feature a star rating (out of five), though out of respect I will not post reviews of books I consider two stars or less. Writing is a craft that authors pour their heart and soul into and I don't think it's necessary to write negative comments about a something that someone has worked so hard on. Here is my rating system:

3 stars.png

I liked this book and would recommend it.

4 stars.png

really liked this book and it's definitely worth a read.

five stars.png

I LOVED this book and I am going to shout about it from the rooftops. Seriously, go read it!


I'm always looking to feature children's authors on my blog and am happy to participate in author promotions for books I'm passionate about. If you'd be willing take part in an author interview, or would like me to participate in a blog tour for your book, please get in touch here. Likewise, if you would like to include a guest post, cover reveal or giveaway on my blog please get in contact and I'll do my best to make it happen.