#PokeBookChallenge: A Pokémon-inspired Bookstagram Photo Challenge!

There's only one thing I love more than reading and that's Pokémon. Earlier this month, I decided to combine both my geeky obsessions by making some fun little templates for Instagram stories.

Aren't they cute?! 😍

Anyway, while I was designing these templates I thought wouldn't it be cool if there was a Pokémon-themed Bookstagram challenge? You could do colour-themed stacks for the different towns and cities of Kanto, your four favourite books for The Elite Four... the possibilities are endless! So I made a list of different ideas and found I had more than enough prompts for each day of the month. So this July I'm going to be posting a picture on my Instagram stories every day for the whole month, each themed around a Poké-Prompt. You can find them all over at @liam_reads (plus all the templates which are saved in my highlights). I'd love it if you joined in too! 😁

I've included the full list of prompts below. How you participate is up to you. If the whole month is too big a commitment, feel free to take part for just a week. And of course you're more than welcome to dip in and out based on your favourite challenges. There's no right or wrong way of taking part - just be sure to use the hashtag #PokeBookChallenge in your stories and pictures so that we can all see the books you've chosen for each prompt!

So yeah, that's pretty much it! 😅 I hope you like the sound of the #PokeBookChallenge and take part. I'd love to see everyone's Pokemon-themed pics! And feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested 😊.

Hope everyone has a great Pokémon-filled July! And good luck to all the trainers taking part!

- Liam

P.S. What's your all-time favourite Pokémon and why? Mine is Aerodactyl, just because he's cool as heck and as a kid I was obsessed with fossils.


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