Recap: Infinity Son Synopsis (with full chapter summaries)

Last week saw the release of Infinity Reaper, the long-awaited sequel to Adam Silvera's fantasy novel, Infinity Son. The wonderful folks at Simon & Schuster very kindly sent me a review copy of Infinity Son back in August 2019 and I loved it (it was one of the very first books I reviewed on my blog - you can check it out here). But as it's been over a year and a half since I read Silvera's fantasy debut I figured a re-read was most definitely in order.

So this week I revisited Infinity Son and I'm pleased to say I enjoyed it even more the second time round. I've made notes on every character, magical item, backstory and major event that takes place in Infinity Son, so if you're in need of a recap before you dive into Infinity Reaper, look no further.

And, obviously, if you haven't read Infinity Son, DO NOT read on. You are now entering major spoiler territory.

NOTE: This is a detailed chapter breakdown of Infinity Son. To save you time, I've highlighted key events in bold and underlined important terms, items, characters, etc. Enjoy!


Chapter 1: Brothers

(POV: Emil)

Twin brothers Emil and Brighton Rey are introduced. They live in New York and have spent their lives looking up to the Spell Walkers - a group of celestials (humans born with special powers - e.g. shapeshifting, super strength, etc.) who use their powers to protect the citizens of New York. It's the night of their 18th birthday and Brighton, who has always dreamed of becoming a Spell Walker, hopes that celestial powers present in his family bloodline (his Abuelita was clairvoyant) will manifest as he enters into adulthood. Emil isn't convinced that the brothers have dormant powers and thinks they need to leave their childish dreams behind. It quickly becomes apparent that Emil is the pragmatic, sensible and slightly anxious sibling, whereas Brighton is self-assured, confident and reckless.

The boys head out to a celestial-only street party so Brighton can try to score interviews for his YouTube channel, "Celestials of New York", but all of the celestials are inside celebrating the arrival of the Crowned Dreamer - a constellation that appears for around a month once every sixty-seven years, which seems to be elevating celestials’ powers. Emil isn’t used to seeing large public gatherings of celestials; ever since the Blackout - “the worst attack New York has seen in my lifetime” - celestials have been treated like terrorists. Brighton tries to get into the party but the doorman wants to see proof he’s a celestial. When Brighton can’t turn the pupils of his eyes into swirling galaxies - the tell-tale sign of a celestial - the doorman moves him along.

We learn that Emil and Brighton aren’t in a great financial situation as their mum is still repaying their dad’s medical bills from experimental trials with blood alchemy that were supposed to cure his bone cancer but only accelerated his death.

As Brighton tries to figure out a way to sneak inside the party, a woman runs down the street being pursued by two Spell Walkers, Maribelle Lucero and Atlas Haas. Emil realises the woman on the run is a specter (humans who have acquired their powers unnaturally by killing magical creatures and consuming their blood). The specter sets the street party tents alight using fire powers that Emil realises must have come from phoenix blood, making her especially dangerous. Emil tries to escape the chaos but Brighton insists they stay so he can film the fight for his YouTube channel.


Chapter 2: Heroes

(POV: Emil)

As people flee, Emil notices "a pale guy with dark blond hair under his hoodie" recording the fight on a phone with a yellow wolf on the case. He doesn't seem panicked by the fight or awestruck in the way Brighton is. Enforcers turn up and take out their wands telling everyone to freeze. Emil points out that most enforcers don't have powers of their own so many are hot-headed and quick to cast attacks, resulting in the untimely deaths of many celestials. Atlas and Maribelle know the enforcers are hostile towards Spell Walkers so they make an escape using Atlas's wind powers and Maribelle's levitation.

Emil and Brighton manage to slip away and catch a bus home. Emil wonders whether the specter will be locked up in the Bounds with everyone else who has powers. Brighton doesn't care whether the specter lives or dies and Emil gets mad at him for being so flippant about her life: "We don't get to decide which are the right lives to take... Heroes shouldn't have body counts."


Chapter 3: Dreamer

(POV: Brighton)

Brighton uploads the video of the fight to his Celestials of New York account and monitors his channel stats. He brags about his online following of "thirty thousand Brightsiders" and gets ready for bed so he's feeling refreshed for his meet-and-greet with his fans tomorrow. As he scrolls through his phone he sees the fight trending online and realises the media are using video footage from another vlogger whose video has already surpassed on million views. Brighton gets angry and accuses the vlogger of stealing his spotlight.

Brighton reflects on his dad's death. Alchemists injected his father with hydra blood in the hopes that he would gain their healing powers, but it didn't work and Brighton was the only one around to witness him choke to death on his own blood.


Chapter 4: Ordinary

(POV: Brighton)

Brighton owns a ton of Spell Walker merch that's no longer manufactured because of their tarnished image. Through the merch, we're introduced to the founding members of the Spell Walkers: Bautista de León, Sera Córdova, Finola Simone-Chambers, Konrad Chambers and Maribelle's parents, Aurora Lucero and Lestor Lucero.

A reporter on the TV covers a news story about a specter who died last night. Footage shows a man with arms engulfed by white phoenix fire jumping from a roof. He takes flight until one of his arms snaps off and plunges to his death. According to the report, medical officials expected him to recover as there were signs his arm was growing back but he died moments later. Emil - who knows a lot about phoenixes - is confused because only song-rook phoenixes can regenerate body parts, but their fire is violet - not white. The report cuts to an interview with Senator Edward Iron who uses the incident to take a shot at his opponent, Congresswoman Sunstar associating her with the specters and the Blackout because of her celestial powers. The news report mentions that Senator Iron lost his son, Eduardo, during the Blackout. Eduardo was on a class trip at the Nightlocke Conservatory when the Spell Walkers used their powers to demolish the building, killing 613 people. Brighton believes the Spell Walkers were framed and says he's not sympathetic over the death of Eduardo Iron, who often badmouthed celestials and incited violence.

Brighton and Emil meet up with their friend Prudencia Mendez as they head to Whisper Fields for Brighton's meet-and-greet. We learn that Prudencia lost both of her parents to wand violence. Brighton suggests there's more than just friendship between him and Prudencia, but they've never found the right time to explore it. When they arrive at Whisper Fields, Brighton is upset to see only a handful of his fans have showed up for the meet-and-greet. He heads home feeling dejected and spends the rest of the day praying that he'll come into his powers, but they don't manifest.


Chapter 5: A Cycle of Phoenixes

(POV: Emil)

Emil heads to his job at the Museum of Natural Creatures. There we learn of a long-standing war between hydras and phoenixes, the existence of the Halo Knights (an ancient group of warriors dedicated to protecting phoenixes), and a weapon called an infinity-ender which has a blade forged from hydra blood that can be used to slay a phoenix and stop it from ever resurrecting. Emil meets a cute British guy and gives him a tour. He tells him about the various breeds of phoenix and shows him pictures of Keon Máximo and Bautista de León - two specters who inherited the powers of the gray sun phoenix.

As Emil talks about Keon and Bautista, Kirk Bennet (the museum's curator) joins the conversation. Kirk tells them that Keon was a power-obsessed alchemist who transformed into the very first specter, but Bautista was more complicated; he didn't seem motivated by power and used his abilities for good, keeping the threat of the specters in check. Some consider Bautista a hero, but others argue that a specter can never be a hero, no matter their motivations. Kirk goes on to say that thankfully no specter has ever been able to utilise the phoenix's power of resurrection and that should alchemists ever unlock that secret it would be a tragedy for phoenixes.

Kirk invites Emil to work with him on a secret project. At the end of the month, the museum will host a gala where guests will witness the hatching of a century phoenix. It's an incredibly rare experience, made rarer still by the fact the egg is feathered, indicating it's the phoenix's first cycle of life. The phoenix will be called Gravesend, and she is being protected from traffickers and Blood Casters (an evil faction of powerful specters and the Spell Walkers primary enemy) by the Halo Knights. Emil is thrilled but decides to keep the news a secret from Brighton so he can surprise him nearer the time by letting him record exclusive footage of the phoenix for his channel.


Chapter 6: Celestials of New York

(POV: Brighton)

It's Brighton's last day in New York before he heads off to college in LA. He, Emil and Prudencia head to Central Park for the Friday Dreamers Festival. At the festival, online influencer Lore (whose following Brighton envies) invites Congresswoman Sunstar onstage for an interview where she talks about her policies and plans to protect celestials. Sunstar condemns Luna Marnette, the leader of the Blood Casters, who makes money for the enforcers but causes considerable harm to celestials everywhere.

At the festival, Emil, Brighton and Pru comes across two people who have taken Brew - a potion containing illusionist blood that creates hallucinations so the drinker can experience what it feels like to have celestial powers. Brighton can't afford a bottle so he tries to negotiate a discount with the seller, James. James asks his boss - a specter called Orton - if he can give Brighton a discount, but Orton refuses. Brighton tries to negotiate, telling Orton he'll interview him on his YouTube channel and provide free publicity in exchange for a bottle. Prudencia tells Brighton he shouldn't be giving specters a platform and forces him to leave. As they leave, they notice that Orton and James are following them.


Chapter 7: Gold and Gray

(POV: Emil)

Emil, Brighton and Pru hop onto a train to escape Orton and James but the two of them somehow manage to board the moving train. Orton attacks Emil and Brighton tries to defend him. He jumps at Orton but phases through him as if he were a phantom. Emil is confused as only celestials have the ability to phase - not specters. Orton grabs Brighton and is about to throw him from the train. As Emil watches, he's overcome with emotion and a power awakens inside him. Emil's fist bursts into gold and gray flames and Emil blasts Orton with fire-darts sending him flying off the train onto the platform. Passengers who have been recording the fight on their phones cheer for Emil.

As they exit the train, enforcers show up and Orton attacks one with his phoenix fire. Emil, Brighton and Prudencia slip away amidst the chaos and James makes a run for it too. Emil notices James drop his phone and recognises the yellow wolf case from the night of the street party fight. James retrieves his phone and disappears into the crowd.

Brighton confronts Emil, accusing him of being a specter due to the burning red eclipses that appeared in his eyes when he used his powers (the sign of a specter). Emil denies dabbling in blood alchemy but Brighton argues that phoenix fire can't be acquired as a celestial - only by consuming phoenix blood. Emil continues to protest his innocence and blacks out.


Chapter 8: Viral

(POV: Brighton)

Prudencia hails a cab and they take Emil to a hospital that specialises in gleamcraft (the practicing of magical powers - celestial or specter). Emil is taken into the ER and Brighton and Pru inform his mother he's in hospital. In the hospital, Brighton gets a ton of notifications on his phone as the passenger footage of Emil's fight with Orton goes viral. Brighton's followers want to know about Emil's powers and Brighton discovers Emil's social media has blown up, making him jealous.


Chapter 9: The Spell Walkers

(POV: Maribelle)

Maribelle is holed up in Nova Grace Elementary – an old school for celestials that has become a hidden haven for the Spell Walkers. Celestials hate Maribelle because they blame her parents (Aurora and Lestor) for the Blackout which triggered the widespread persecution of celestials. Maribelle, however, is convinced of her parents' innocence and vows to one day prove it. She reviews the CCTV footage from the Nightlocke Conservatory the day of the Blackout. The recording shows her mother, Aurora, and Finola crash through the ceiling fighting while Lestor and Konrad try to separate their wives. As Aurora is chased by Finola, she throws Eduardo Iron to the floor and tosses two gem-grenades which explode, destroying the building. When the dust settles, the only person left standing is a girl who vanishes into the smoke. Maribelle makes it her mission to find this girl.

Maribelle feels guilty about her parents' death as her instincts told her that something was off the day of the Blackout. She almost told her parents not to go on the mission and she regrets not speaking up. Atlas enters the room and kisses her on the head. Wesley, another Spell Walker, joins them. Maribelle mentions how she used to be best friends with Finola's daughter, Iris (the current leader of the Spell Walkers) but the death of their parents in the Blackout brought an end to their friendship. Wesley mentions that his partner, Ruth, is hiding out in a celestial shelter in Philadelphia raising their three-month-old daughter, Esther, using her cloning abilities to make up for Wesley's absence.

Iris tells everyone to get ready for a rescue mission. She's been monitoring specters with white phoenix fire and came across Orton in the viral video of the fight with Emil. By the look of surprise on Emil's face when his powers appeared, Iris doesn't suspect that he's working with Luna Marnette and the Blood Casters. The Spell Walkers head out to rescue Emil. On their way out, Iris kisses her girlfriend, Eva, not knowing whether she'll return from the mission.


Chapter 10: Enigma

(POV: Emil)

Emil wakes up and learns of his newfound fame from Brighton. Emil's mother comes into the room and Emil tells her about the incident that took place with Orton and how he protected Brighton and Prudencia using powers of his own. Like Brighton, their mother accuses Emil of dabbling in blood alchemy, but Brighton defends Emil showing her the video of the fight and pointing out the surprise on Emil's face when his phoenix fire appeared. Emil's mother apologises for accusing him and Emil leaves the hospital to get some head-space.


Chapter 11: The Blood Casters

(POV: Ness)

Ness is introduced as a shapeshifter working for Luna and the Blood Casters and we discover from the yellow wolf phone case in his possession that he is James (the guy selling Brew with Orton). He heads into the Blood Casters HQ and reveals that the only people who know Ness's real identity are the other Blood Casters: Dione (a specter with hydra blood who can produce extra limbs), Stanton (a venomous specter with basilisk blood), June (who never speaks and who Ness considers the scariest of all the Blood Casters), and Anklin (a talented but twisted alchemist). Ness considers his shapeshifting ability a blessing and a curse; on the one hand, the people hunting him down will never find him. On the other, nobody will ever get to know the real him. Luna calls Ness for a meeting. She's seen the video of Orton and Emil and she wants Emil captured and brought back to her. Ness leaves to track him down, knowing he cannot fail Luna.


Chapter 12: Fire-Wing

(POV: Emil)

After leaving the hospital, Emil goes back to his family's apartment and fills a duffel bag with clothes as he prepares to leave town to protect his family from the danger his new powers present. Brighton bursts in telling Emil he can't run away and that he can't handle this on his own. Emil is about to protest when Atlas turns up telling Emil they need to leave right away as the Blood Casters are after him. As they prepare to leave with Atlas, another Atlas bursts into the room, exposing the first Atlas as Ness - the shapeshifter working for the Blood Casters. Ness escapes out the window and the real Atlas escorts the brothers downstairs to a car waiting outside but they're ambushed by Stanton. Iris and Maribelle back up Atlas and they're able to hold Stanton off long enough for the Emil and Brighton to get to the car. The Spell Walkers take down Stanton and are about to drive off when the girl from the Blackout CCTV video appears. Maribelle pleads with the others to stop the car so they can capture the girl but Atlas tells her it's too risky and drives off.


Chapter 13: Nova

(POV: Emil)

Atlas drives through what appears to be a gas station but is in fact an illusion masking the Spell Walkers' hidden haven, Nova. They enter Nova and Eva uses her healing powers to restore Iris (her girlfriend) who was badly injured in the fight with Stanton. Emil asks Brighton why he thinks the Spell Walkers have brought them to Nova and Brighton tell him they'll be expecting him to choose a side. Emil tells Brighton he'd never join the Blood Casters but he doesn't want to be a Spell Walker either. Wesley shows up with Emil and Brighton's mum and Prudencia who are glad to see the boys are unharmed.

With her injuries mostly healed, Iris calls a meeting and tells Emil he possesses powers he shouldn't and that their intel suggests he's going to be a major player in the war against the Blood Casters.


Chapter 14: Infinity Son

(POV: Emil)

Iris reveals that her mother (Finola) had secretly warned her to keep an eye out for specters with gray or gold flames – and Emil has both. She explains that like Emil, Bautista de León had the blood of a gray sun phoenix within him and that he, too, was surprised by his powers as he claimed he hadn't dabbled in blood alchemy. The original Spell Walkers concluded that Bautista must have been a phoenix specter in a past life who had been reborn. If that's true, it seems likely that Emil's life is a rebirth / new cycle of Bautista's - a theory made more plausible when they figure out Bautista died just days before Emil was born.

As the news sinks in, Emil comes to a realisation that Iris confirms: "Bautista believed he was reincarnated from Keon Máximo" (the first specter). According to Iris, Bautista had flashes of memories from Keon's life and, racked by the guilt of knowing that Keon was responsible for the creation of all specters, Bautista created the Spell Walkers with the psychic alchemist, Sera Córdova.

Emil points out a flaw in their theory: if Bautista's life essence was transferred to him, it should also have been transferred to Brighton because they're twins. At this point, Emil's mother confesses that Emil isn't her biological son. Emil's father found him abandoned and they took him in, raising him and Brighton as brothers. As Emil's mother recalls the day they found him, she mentions that he was burning up. From this information, the Spell Walkers deduce that Emil was not simply a host that Bautista's life essence transferred to, but a physical reincarnation of Bautista born out of the flames of his death - a literal rebirth.

Emil tells the Spell Walkers he doesn't want powers or to join a fight that was started two lifetimes ago. He goes up to the roof to reflect on what he's just learned and Brighton comforts him. Emil tells Brighton he'll always be his brother, no matter what.


Chapter 15: Infinity Son’s Brother

(POV: Brighton)

Brighton takes Emil’s powers as a sign he was right about the two of them being destined for greatness and convinces himself that the Crowned Dreamer will turn him into a celestial. He finds Eva and learns that in order for her to heal someone, she has to absorb their pain. Iris considers her ability too valuable so she's not allowed to join the Spell Walkers on missions and is forced to away in Nova. Eva tells Brighton she's running a group therapy session in the library and encourages Emil to attend. Brighton tricks Emil into attending the therapy session, hoping that hearing the celestials' stories will encourage him to take up the fight. During the session, they learn that two years ago Eva was with her best friend when four men tried to kidnap her. Luckily, a celestial appeared and helped them escape. They got away with their lives, but Eva's friend felt powerless and the incident created a rift between them, with her friend taking a dark path in search of power so she'd never find herself in that position again.


Chapter 16: Assemble

(POV: Emil)

Emil speaks with his mother and after a heart-to-heart realises he knows too many faces and stories to stand by and do nothing. He agrees to join the Spell Walkers.


Chapter 17: Training

(POV: Emil)

Emil is put through rigorous training and after a week begins to show signs of improvement, learning how to summon his phoenix fire more easily. Brighton has been recording Emil's training sessions and, with the Spell Walkers' permission, shares them on his Celestials of New York channel. The videos become an instant hit. Meanwhile, Prudencia and Emil start looking through Bautista and Sera's journal searching for clues on how to break the cycle so Emil can return to a normal life. They find records of various experiments but none that had a permanent effect.

Iris tells Emil he's joining her and Maribelle on a mission to take down Orton after locating his new territory. Brighton asks to come to record footage but Iris refuses. Prudencia speaks with Iris to appease Brighton and eventually she relents telling him and Prudencia to suit up if they're going to join them.


Chapter 18: Burnout

(POV: Emil)

They arrive at an abandoned shoe factory that Orton is using as a base and initiate a surprise attack. They take down Luna’s acolytes and pursue Orton. A fight breaks out between Orton and Emil, and Emil discovers he has the ability to heal himself. Iris and Maribelle are badly injured by Orton whose phoenix fire continues to intensify. Orton's fire grows uncontrollable and his powers turns on him, devouring him in flames. Orton dies and Brighton tells Emil he's a hero, but Emil feels guilty knowing that four acolytes and Orton have died because of his actions.


Chapter 19: Spell Walkers of New York

(POV: Brighton)

Brighton comes up with an idea for a series of interviews with the Spell Walkers that show off their human side in an attempt to counter the negative image the Blackout and Senator Iron have created. The Spell Walkers are skeptical but agree to give it a go. Brighton starts by interviewing Wesley who tells him that Atlas helped him turn his life around after living on the streets. He wants the war to end so he can go back to his wife and help raise his daughter. In Atlas's interview, he talks about moving between foster homes because his parents were locked up in the bounds. He tells Brighton that the Spell Walkers gave his life meaning. Iris talks about the legacy of her parents and the hopes of getting to live her life as a normal 20-year-old once the war is over. In Eva's interview, she reveals herself as the hidden Spell Walker whose powers were too valuable to be made public. She says that her parents were killed in a terrorist attack on a celestial shelter and talks about how she was almost kidnapped with her friend, whose mother was killed during the incident. She talks about how her friend sought vengeance and joined the Blood Casters so she'd never be powerless again and reveals her to be Dione Henri. The interviews are uploaded and are an instant success. There are a handful of negative responses but the Spell Walkers are happy with the outcome and thank Brighton for his work.


Chapter 20: No One

(POV: Ness)

Dione Henri returns to the Blood Casters HQ. Ness reflects on how Dione seemed more human than the other Blood Casters but recently she’s been on a power trip as she pushes forward with Luna’s mission – a mission that she thinks will mean permanent safety for specters.

Ness explains each of the Blood Casters' roles: Ness spies on Luna's enemies and impersonates at her orders, Dione negotiates with dealers, traffickers and politicians, using brute force where necessary, Stanton scouts potential Casters and puts them through brutal initiations to test their skill and loyalty, and June is an assassin who hasn't been seen by the world since CCTV caught a glimpse of her at the Blackout.

Dione tells the Blood Casters she has intel on a golden-strand hydra being shipped to a trafficker's client. They need to retrieve it before it reaches the Apollo Arena where it will be forced to fight to the death in a cage match. The Blood Casters head to the dock to intercept the shipment and launch into a fight with the mercenaries guarding the hydra. Ness witnesses an acolyte get killed and throws up. As he realises the Blood Casters are outnumbered he attempts to shapeshift into one of the fallen mercenaries to make an escape, but he's attacked mid-shift and loses his glamour (the physical disguise he conjures using his power). The mercenary recognises him so Ness kills him with a spell to the heart. As footsteps approach, he morphs into a downed acolyte and plays dead.


Chapter 21: Hope

(POV: Maribelle)

Maribelle sees a news report about the attack at the dock so she and Atlas head down to check it out. As they search the place, Atlas tells Maribelle that if he ever gets killed on a mission he wants to be cremated. She tells him that won't happen but agrees that she would want the same for her.

Maribelle realises they're being watched by an acolyte who she captures and interrogates. They find out the acolyte's name is Hope and she came to the dock to search for her sister (another of Luna's followers) who didn't return after their mission. She tells Maribelle and Atlas that the Blood Casters were trying to intercept a hydra shipment but because they failed they'll have to retrieve it from the Apollo Arena tomorrow before the cage fight. Maribelle asks if the celestial girl with phasing abilities will be there and Hope tells her she will. Maribelle pushes for more information about the girl from the Blackout CCTV footage and Hope tells her that her name is June and that she's a trained assassin who was contracted to kill the founding Spell Walkers (i.e. Maribelle's parents).


Chapter 22: Cage Match

(POV: Emil)

With the intel acquired by Maribelle and Atlas, the Spell Walkers head to the Apollo Arena. The hydra is brought into the arena followed by a phoenix and the creatures battle for a short while. Stanton makes his way through the crowd toward the cage but Atlas hits him with his winds, pinning him against a wall. June appears and phases through the cage unlocking it from the inside and the hydra breaks free. The crowd panics and Emil tries to help them to safety despite being angry that they paid money to force the creatures to fight.

Ness hits the hydra with a spell and Emil hits him in the shoulder with a fire-dart. Ness transforms and disappears into the crowd injured. Emil is able to grab June before she becomes incorporeal and Maribelle attacks her demanding she tells her the truth about what happened the day of the Blackout. June refuses to talk and Maribelle pulls out a dagger. Realising that Maribelle is about to murder June, Emil releases her and she dematerialises. Maribelle rages at Emil and tells him that if she kills anyone, it'll be on his conscience.

An injured Ness reappears and Emil takes him down with a fire-dart, accidentally setting the arena on fire in the process. The Blood Casters retreat with the hydra, leaving Ness behind. The Spell Walkers escape the arena with Ness and Emil is pleased to see the phoenix fly to safety. Iris interrogates Ness but he's too scared of Luna to sell her out. Maribelle hits him and his glamour fades revealing his real identity: Eduardo Iron - the senator's son who died in the Blackout.


Chapter 23: Interrogation

(POV: Emil)

Iris and Maribelle prepare to interrogate Ness / Eduardo and Brighton asks to record it so he can show the world that Senator Iron is a liar. Iris refuses and Brighton gets mad. Ness refuses to answer the Spell Walkers' questions and tells them that by being under their protection at Nova, he's already won. He explains that he'd never be able to escape Luna on his own so this hideout is the best place he could be right now. He also reveals that he lured the Spell Walkers to the arena by masquerading as Hope at the dock and telling Maribelle about the hydra shipment.

Maribelle is angry at being played and goes to punch Ness but Emil stops her. He reminds her that the Spell Walkers are not about violence and Maribelle lays into him telling him the Spell Walkers were wrong to put their faith in him. Intrigued by Emil, Ness tells Iris he'll speak with him if they're left alone. She reluctantly agrees and Ness reveals to Emil that their paths have crossed multiple times - first as the guy recording the fight at the street party, then as "James", then as one of the acolytes who escaped the shoe factory during Emil's showdown with Orton. Emil asks Ness why he joined the Blood Casters and Ness tells him that he was fed up of being used as a pawn by the senator, who had exploited his childhood by making sure the media saw him as a child grieving the death of his mother at the hands of a celestial.


Chapter 24: Powerless

(POV: Brighton)

Brighton heads up to the rooftop to calm down after being told he can't expose Senator Iron's lies. He looks out at the Crowned Dreamer, willing the powers present in his bloodline to manifest. Prudencia tries to comfort Brighton but he spitefully tells her that there's nothing special about Emil getting lucky with his powers and that, unlike his brother, he's worked for everything he has. Prudencia can't deal with his bad attitude and leaves.

Brighton uploads the video he recorded at the arena after editing out the footage of Maribelle trying to kill June. The video sparks a backlash as other footage taken by members of the audience at the arena show Maribelle ruthlessly attacking June. One of Brighton's vlogger rivals accuses Brighton of trying to manipulate the public's perception of the Spell Walkers and tells his viewers not to trust him. Brighton's loses thousands of followers and gets upset that his plan failed. Iris defends him to a degree, saying that Maribelle's behaviour was going to be broadcast whether Brighton posted his footage or not, but admits that the optics aren't great because now viewers know that Brighton has been manipulating the videos and censoring footage that could be damaging to the Spell Walkers. Brighton tells Iris he'll issue a public apology but she tells him he can't do any more videos for a while. He asks if can still join the Spell Walkers on missions and she doesn't give him an answer. Brighton storms off.


Chapter 25: Infinity Cycle

(POV: Emil)

The atmosphere in Nova begins to shift as the celestials realise they’re fighting a losing battle. Faith in Emil is wavering and some celestials have relocated to new shelters, no longer feeling safe under the protection of the Spell Walkers after the public backlash.

Emil visits Ness with food, but when he enters the room he finds him shapeshifting in his sleep. He taps Ness on the shoulder to wake him and Ness grabs him by the throat, pinning him to the wall. Ness wakes up and apologises, explaining that he has nightmares about the people he's hurt and sometimes transforms into them in his sleep. Emil opens up to Ness and tells him about the pressure he's been under. He talks about the guilt he feels being connected to Keon and the situation with his mother lying to him. They bond as they talk about the loss of their parents and Ness tells Emil he's lucky to be immortal. Emil disagrees, saying his immortality feels like a curse and tells Ness he's trying to find a way to break the cycle.

Ness tells Emil that everything the Spell Walkers are doing is pointless because Luna has already won. He explains that Luna could have given herself powers years ago but she's been waiting for the right moment. He reveals that Luna is dying but the Crowned Dreamer has arrived in time for her to make her final move and achieve immortality. Emil doesn't believe him so Ness explains that Keon's death (and subsequent rebirth as Bautista) proved that phoenix powers don't allow a person to live one life forever so Luna has continued to search for the key to immortality - and now she's finally found it. He tells Emil that Orton is full specter and the reason he can phase through solid objects (which only celestials can do) is because he inherited his powers from the purest magical blood of all: ghosts. He explains that Luna has been working with necromancers to kill ghosts and that June is the proof of her success - the first ever specter with ghost blood. He then reveals that June used her ghost powers to possess Maribelle's mother on the day of the Blackout, framing her and the Spell Walkers for the terrorist attack.

Luna's plan, Ness tells Emil, is to unite the blood of three entities - hydra, ghost and phoenix - to achieve immortality: "If you decapitate her, she'll grow a ned head. If you try to harm her body, she'll fade away. If you somehow manage to obliterate her completely, she'll be reborn." He goes on to explain that for the alchemy to be completely successful, she needs the head of a hydra that has never been decapitated, a phoenix that has never been reborn, and a ghost with ties to her bloodline. If she can unite them all under the Crowned Dreamer's zenith at the Alpha Church of New Life, she'll have her Reaper's Blood.

Emil asks Ness what Luna's next move will be and Ness tells him that with the hydra in her possession, she'll move to Older Cemetery to capture the ghosts of her parents tonight. Ness tells him she's hired the alchemist Anklin Price to assist and explains that the longer someone has been dead, the harder it is to catch their ghost - unless they died violent deaths and didn't get the chance to make peace with their lives. And Luna violently murdered her parents when she was seventeen. As all of this sinks in, Emil realises that the final ingredient for Luna's elixir is Gravesend, the century phoenix egg in the museum's care.


Chapter 26: Rise

(POV: Emil)

Emil relays the information he’s learned from Ness to the Spell Walkers. They’re skeptical about whether it’s a trap, but with no other option they head out to Older Cemetery to stop Luna. Iris tells Brighton it's too dangerous for him to come with them, but he insists and the Spell Walkers don't have time to argue.

As the Spell Walkers approach Luna's entourage they see Stanton, Dione and June stood in a triangle formation, each holding ropes. Within the triangle, stood between two graves, are Luna and Anklin Price. Anklin is holding a metallic urn covered in glyphs that illuminate as he chants. An acolyte detects the Spell Walkers and a fight ensues, but the three Blood Casters don't break formation. Wesley uses his super-speed to run past Stanton, Dione and June, but the moment he passes the rope, he's rebounded by a forcefield. He's badly injured and Iris tries to get him back to the car so they can take him to Eva to be healed. Meanwhile, Atlas, Maribelle and Emil continue to fight. Emil shoots a fire orb at the rope but it rebounds and hits him. He painfully discovers he's not immune to his own powers.

Anklin completes the chant and the ghosts of Luna Marnette's parents appear. They see Luna and try to flee but they're trapped by the forcefield. The ghosts are sucked into the urn and Luna turns her attention to the Spell Walkers, instructing the Blood Casters to take them out. Emil manages to get to Luna who pulls out a dagger with a charred black bone handle and a serrated yellow blade. She asks him if he's familiar with the infinity-ender and gives the blade to Anklin, instructing him to pierce Emil in the heart to stop the bloodline once and for all - a mistake she made when she killed Bautista. Anklin pins Emil but Emil summons his flames and sets him on fire. Emil tackles Luna and manages to get the urn but the Blood Casters close in. Just as they're about to strike, flaming gold and gray wings emerge from Emil's body and he takes flight.


Chapter 27: Fall

(POV: Brighton)

Brighton watches in disbelief as Emil takes flight and wonders whether Emil has been keeping the power a secret from him so he could show it off in a moment of glory. He accuses Emil of running away from the battle but insists that, unlike his brother, he isn't a coward. He finds a wand on the ground and shoots at Luna. He misses and Luna instructs her acolytes to take him. They drag him away and make their escape.


Chapter 28: Hearts

(POV: Emil)

Emil makes it back to Nova and discovers he's the first to return. Shortly after his arrival, the rest of the team shows up and Eva gets to work healing Wesley. Emil asks where Brighton is and Iris confesses that the Blood Casters kidnapped him. Their mother hears the news and suffers a heart attack.


Chapter 29: Extraordinary

(POV: Brighton)

Brighton awakes in a windowless room and realises he’s in one of the Blood Caster's laboratories. He looks at the vials of celestial blood, potions and ingredients and wonders if any of them will give him powers. Luna enters the room and speaks with Brighton. She says that she hopes the Spell Walkers had to torture Ness to get the intel on the cemetery. Brighton tells her that Ness is on their side and helped them freely as he doesn't want to see her rise to power. Luna tells Brighton she's not the villain he thinks she is and that her efforts aren't about acquiring power, but preserving life. She brings up the death of his father and tells him she went through something similar with her younger sister, Raine, who was sick and couldn't be saved by alchemists.

Luna tells Brighton he's of no importance to her plans and explains that the only reason she took him is to use him as bait to get back the urn. Brighton grabs a nearby potion and drinks it before Luna can stop him. He feels lightning surge through his body and when Dione lunges at him, he blasts her with electricity, killing her immediately. Luna cowers from him and Brighton reflects on the way he was able to summon his newfound powers so easily, seeing it as proof he's superior to Emil. He strikes Luna with lightning and kills her. As he thinks about how he'll brag about taking down Luna to the Spell Walkers, something happens and the events that just took place play back in reverse. Luna and Dione come back to life and Luna tells Brighton he's a fool for not being able to tell an illusion from reality, revealing that the potion he drank was Brew and that everything that just happened was a hallucination.

Luna tells him that selling Brew on the streets was Ness's idea - a way of testing the potions without killing too many acolytes. She mocks Brighton, telling him Ness obviously. isn't the ally the Spell Walkers think he is. Satisfied with his humiliation, the Blood Casters drag Brighton away into a room setup with a camera. They force him down into a chair and tell him he'll finally get the limelight he so craves.


Chapter 30: The Brightest Fire

(POV: Emil)

Emil gets a notification on his phone saying that Celestials of New York has uploaded a new video. The Spell Walkers gather round and watch the video, where a beat-up Brighton tells Emil that the only way to get him back is to bring the urn and their prisoner to the place they spent the last few minutes of their birthday by 7am (i.e. the roof of their apartment building). If they don’t, Brighton will be executed on a live-stream.

Emil comes up with a plan to use the urn and Ness as bait to get Brighton back but Iris says the urn is too important and that their mission has always been to stop Luna so they can't risk it. Atlas counters, saying the Spell Walkers are about protecting the lives of innocents. An argument takes place, with Wesley and Eva supporting Iris, and Maribelle and Atlas siding with Emil. Emil tells Iris he'll fight the Blood Casters on his own without the urn if he has to, and warns the Spell Walkers that if they don't help Brighton, he won't help them.

Emil calls Kirk (the museum curator) and tells him everything that's happened - including his links to Bautista and Keon. He tells Kirk it's imperative that Gravesend is kept away from the museum and that the gala is cancelled. Kirk tells Emil they can't cancel the gala as the museum needs the funding but insists that the Halo Knights will be present to protect Gravesend. He hangs up in frustration and finds Ness, updating him on what has happened. Ness agrees to go willingly with Emil if it means saving his brother. Maribelle and Atlas enter the room and tell them Eva has the urn and if Ness morphs into Iris, they might be able to trick her into giving it to them.

Ness morphs into Iris and Eva gives him the urn, but she makes it clear she's not fooled by his disguise, telling Emil this is his one shot and not to make her regret it. Emil, Ness, Maribelle and Atlas quickly prepare to leave before Iris and Wesley find out they've stolen the urn, but Prudencia stops them saying she wants to come too. Emil tells her it's too dangerous, but as they go to drive away, the car abruptly stops. It's revealed the Prudencia has telekinetic powers and has been a celestial all along.


Chapter 31: The Trade

(POV: Emil)

Prudencia reveals she inherited her powers from her father but that her aunt made her promise never to use them while she lived under her roof. Prudencia agreed; her father was killed for his powers so she had no desire to use hers. She tells Emil that the only person at Nova who knows her secret is Iris and that she was forced to tell her in order to get permission for her and Brighton to join them on missions. Maribelle is angry Iris kept Pru's powers a secret from the Spell Walkers.

They reach the roof of the apartment building where Brighton is being held and make the trade, but acolytes appear and ambush the Spell Walkers. A fight takes place, and while the Spell Walkers struggle against the Blood Casters, Emil and Ness corner Anklin who has the urn. Ness manages to wrestle the urn from Anklin, but suddenly turns on Emil, swinging the urn in his face and knocking him out cold.


Chapter 32: The Darkest Fire

(POV: Brighton)

Brighton wakes up in Nova to find Eva healing him. He asks to see Emil, and Eva nervously tells him that Emil's been taken hostage by the Blood Casters. Brighton confronts the Spell Walkers - especially Iris and Wesley for not coming to save him and leaving the Spell Walkers outnumbered in their mission. He storms off and gets into an altercation with Prudencia for not telling him she's a celestial. Maribelle visits Brighton in his room. She admits they messed up trusting Ness but asks him to train with her so that if he ever gets another shot at Luna he won't miss again.


Chapter 33: Infinity-Ender

(POV: Emil)

Emil awakes and finds himself chained up. Luna and Ness enter and Luna mocks Emil, telling him he's achieved nothing compared to his two predecessors. Thanks to Ness, Luna knows that Emil has inherited none of Bautista or Keon's memories and she believes that's because she stabbed Bautista with the infinity-ender; it may not have ended the bloodline, but it clearly still severed some connection. Emil tries to use his powers but his restraints make it difficult. Ness cuts Emil on the leg with the infinity-ender and his flames extinguish. He then takes two deeper slashes across Emil's ribcage. Emil cries out in pain and sinks to the floor bleeding.


Chapter 34: Many Faces

(POV: Ness)

After cutting Emil with the infinity-ender, Ness goes to the bathroom and watches himself shaking in the mirror as he transforms into all the people he’s ever hurt. The face that haunts him the most is Emil's.


Chapter 35: Gala

(POV: Emil)

Stanton drags Emil into the back of a van and the Blood Casters drive to the Museum of Natural Creatures. Emil prays that the Spell Walkers are there as they know the Blood Casters are going to try to steal Gravesend’s egg. They enter the museum and head downstairs to the Hydra Room where they're confronted by the Halo Knights. The Blood Casters take them down and head toward the vault, which is protected by a forcefield that even June cannot penetrate.

Kirk, who is inside the vault with the Gravesend, tells Luna and the Blood Casters that there's no way to break in. Luna tries to tempt Kirk out, offering an exchange: if Kirk gives her the phoenix, she'll give him Emil. She tells Kirk there's far more money to be made from experimenting on a gray sun specter than there is from one gala. Kirk accepts the offer and gives Luna the egg, instructing Ness to lock Emil in an office down the hall.

As Ness leads Emil away, he tells him that he's going to set him free. Emil draws on his powers and surprises the Blood Casters with fire darts before running upstairs to the gala. Emil and Ness find the Spell Walkers waiting in position and a fight breaks out between the Spell Walkers and Blood Casters.


Chapter 36: Winds

(POV: Maribelle)

Maribelle searches for June as guests try to escape and the battle rages on. Brighton spots her and Maribelle grabs her before she has the chance to fade away. She violently attacks June as she thinks about her parents and everyone who lost their lives the day of the Blackout. Atlas shouts for Maribelle's help as the Spell Walkers are being overpowered and while she's distracted, June pieces her with a shard of glass. Maribelle reflexively lets go and June turns incorporeal. June then takes possession of Maribelle's body and picks up a wand, firing a spell straight at Atlas's heart.


Chapter 37: Dark Yellow

(POV: Maribelle)

  • The spell kills Atlas and Maribelle is overcome with rage. She roars and a ring of yellow fire explodes out of her as her arms are engulfed in flames. Luna watches Maribelle in awe and Ness, disguised as an acolyte, punches her in the face and steals the phoenix egg. The Blood Casters retreat and Maribelle is left hugging Atlas's body.


Chapter 38: Ashes

(POV: Maribelle)

Maribelle recalls the first time she met Atlas. She and Iris were trying to take down a trio of celestials on Brooklyn Bridge who were threatening to kill people, but the victims turned out to be attackers waiting to ambush them. Thankfully, Atlas and Wesley showed up and Atlas saved Maribelle’s life. Maribelle returned the favour when a celestial tried to shoot at him and they called it even.

Maribelle feels guilty for killing Atlas despite being possessed, and as her emotions intensify she feels herself heating up. She asks the Spell Walkers what’s wrong with her and questions where her new power has came from. Iris reveals that she was entrusted with a secret and reveals it to the group: Maribelle is a specter and her parents were not Lestor and Aurora, but Bautista and Sera, making her the first child born from a specter and a celestial. Maribelle gets into a heated argument with Iris for keeping the truth from her. She thinks that Iris didn’t tell her because it would give Maribelle a stronger claim as leader. Iris breaks down telling Maribelle that leading the Spell Walkers is an impossible job and that Maribelle only insists on making it harder.

As Maribelle thinks about her biological parents, she realises her levitation and fire powers must have come from Bautista and wonders what powers she's inherited from Sera. She recalls that Sera had powerful visions and realises that her instincts - like the bad feeling she had the day of the Blackout - were premonitions that came from Sera's powers of clairvoyance.

Brighton interrupts Maribelle's thoughts, asking what the plan is now that they've recovered the egg. Emil tells him there is no plan for the two of them and that it's over - Luna doesn't have Gravesend so she can't become immortal. Iris agrees with Emil telling Brighton that he isn't coming with them on any more missions. They just lost Atlas and if they can't guarantee his safety, they certainly can't protect Brighton. Brighton hits back saying he won't turn his back on everyone just because the Spell Walkers have given up and storms off. Maribelle, emboldened by Brighton's outburst, tells the Spell Walkers she's going finish off the Blood Casters. Iris tells her that Spell Walkers don't kill, and Maribelle responds by telling her she quits.

Maribelle goes to see Atlas's body and Emil tells her that he's here for her if she ever needs to talk. Maribelle gets in Emil's face and tells him that if he had held onto June that night at the arena, June would be dead and Atlas would still be alive. With Wesley's help, Maribelle carries Atlas's body to the playground outside Nova. She tells Wesley that her biggest fear is that Atlas didn't know she was possessed, and that in his final moments he thought Maribelle wanted him dead. She tells Wesley that she plans to summon his ghost so she can explain to him the truth and let him rest in peace. Using her phoenix fire, she ignites Atlas's body and collects his ashes, hoping she has enough to summon his ghost after she's killed June.

She then heads out to her car to find Brighton waiting for her. He asks if he can join her on her mission and promises he won't hold her back like Emil did. She agrees and the two of them set off to find June.


Chapter 39: Firefly

(POV: Emil)

Emil goes to see Ness who's been keeping his distance from the others, and fills him in on what’s happened since they left the museum: Eva wasn’t able to heal the wounds Ness inflicted on him with the infinity-ender, Maribelle discovered the truth about her parents and her powers, Brighton turned on everyone, and Maribelle blamed Emil for Atlas’s death.

Ness explains why he double-crossed Emil, telling him that he wanted to help him and the Spell Walkers but when Stanton cornered them, he had to take control of the situation. He knocked Emil out with the urn to make the Blood Casters and Luna think he was still on their side and he cut Emil with the infinity-ender to prove himself to Luna and protect Emil from the other Blood Casters, who would have inflicted far worse pain on him.

He offers to clean Emil’s wounds but Emil gets self-conscious about taking his shirt off in front of Ness, who he thinks is in far better shape than him. He tells Ness about his body confidence issues and breaks down. Ness comforts him and Emil tells him he can clean his wounds if he promises to keep his eyes closed. Ness agrees and the two share an intimate moment.

Ness tells Emil he needs to leave and start afresh and with Luna focused on finding the egg, this is his best chance. He says goodbye to Emil and leaves Nova.


Chapter 40: True Colors

(POV: Ness)

Ness leaves Nova and has been walking for some time when sirens and enforcer tanks speed past. He watches as a celestial steps out of one of the cars and touches the air, shattering the illusion protecting Nova. Ness realises the Spell Walkers have been discovered and races back to warn them.


Chapter 41: Gravesend

(POV: Emil)

Emil is packing up his belongings as he and his family prepare to leave Nova when he notices Gravesend has begun to hatch. The phoenix emerges from the egg and Emil scoops her up. As he holds her, her song gives him chills and within seconds spellwork breaks out as enforcers break into Nova. Emil wonders whether Gravesend's song was a warning.

Prudencia and Emil's mother make an escape while Emil searches for Brighton. He heads up to the roof with Gravesend but Brighton isn't there. Emil leaves Gravesend on the roof, deciding it's the safest place for her until the fight is over. He heads back down and is cornered by enforcers, but he's rescued by Ness who morphs into Emil and tells him to keep searching for his brother while he acts as a decoy. Emil thanks him and carries on searching for Brighton but is stopped in his tracks by June. June hears Gravesend's screeches coming from the roof and phases through the floors of Nova. Emil races up the stairs, but when he reaches the roof he finds Gravesend in June's arms. She fades away with the phoenix and Emil watches as Ness is dragged away in the distance by enforcers (without his glamour). Emil's wings burst from his shoulders and he flies from the roof.


Chapter 42: Eduardo Iron

(POV: Ness)

Ness wakes up disorientated and realises he’s on a boat. A door opens and Senator Iron walks in. The two engage in a tense exchange. Iron tells Ness that his reappearance is not good for his political campaign. He also reveals that he orchestrated the Blackout and tried to have Ness killed, explaining that the sympathy and support would have guaranteed his presidency.

Furious, Ness lunges at his father but Iron punches him in the face taking him down. He tells Ness that he wasn't supposed to survive but applauds Luna for her craftiness in keeping him alive as insurance, just in case Iron turned on her. The senator gives Ness an ultimatum: join him and use his powers to impersonate Congresswoman Sunstar and destroy her campaign, or end up in the Bounds with celestials who know it was his father who locked them away.


Chapter 43: Shining Bright

(POV: Brighton)

Brighton and Maribelle are in his apartment when he gets a news notification on his laptop about the attack on Nova. He calls Emil and his mother to check if they're okay, but both phones go straight to voicemail. He's reassures himself they're still alive and prepares to leave with Maribelle for the Alpha Church of New Life where Luna plans to perform her immortality ritual.


Chapter 44: The Crowned Dreamer

(POV: Emil)

Emil returns to the apartment but Brighton isn’t there. Prudencia shows up with Wesley and Iris and tells Emil that Eva and his mother are headed to a shelter in Philadelphia where they’ll be looked after by Ruth (Wesley’s wife). Other celestials from Nova have been relocated across other shelters too.

Iris tells Emil he has to join the three of them in taking out Luna - or if needs be, Gravesend. Emil says they can’t kill Gravesend because she’s too young to resurrect. Iris tells him that’s the point - if Gravesend can’t resurrect, that will put a stop to Luna's plans – but reassures him that killing the phoenix will be a last resort. Emil reluctantly agrees, only because he knows that a world where Luna can live forever won’t be a world worth living in. They set off and head to the Alpha Church of New Life.

They enter the church to find the ceremony already in progress. Luna brings down a scythe and decapitates the hydra they took from the arena, its blood splashing into a cauldron. Next, she opens the urn and the ghosts of her parents appear. She cuts both of their throats with an oblivion dagger before they have a chance to escape, and their gray blood spills into the cauldron. Stanton charges at Emil but Brighton appears and takes him out with a spell. Anklin pins Emil down and slices him with a blade, but before he can do any more damage Maribelle sets him on fire and kills him mercilessly. Emil looks on in shock.

Luna opens Gravesend’s cage but Emil shoots a fire-dart at her shoulder and she drops to the floor. He picks up the phoenix and realises that the Spell Walkers have lost the advantage; Dione and Stanton are recovering and closing in. Reluctantly, Emil picks up the infinity-ender and prepares himself to kill Gravesend, but Luna grabs the blade from him and plunges it into the phoenix’s heart. She removes the blade and then stabs Emil in the stomach. Emil falls to the ground and pulls the blade from his stomach. He looks up to see Luna draining Gravesend’s blood over the cauldron. She scoops up enough potion to fill a glass vial, but a spell is fired into the cauldron, smashing it to pieces and piercing Luna through the stomach. Elixir splashes out of the vial but Luna manages to protect most of it.

Brighton rushes to Emil and tells him he’s going to be okay. Maribelle steps on Luna’s wrist to stop her from drinking the potion and Brighton taunts her, reminding her how she said he was nothing but a pawn and now he’s the one who's put a stop to her plans. Brighton holds out his hand and Maribelle passes him the potion. Emil realises what Brighton is about to do and pleads with him, but Brighton ignores him and drinks every last drop of Reaper’s Blood.


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