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Hi guys! My name is Liam and I'm a 24-year-old children's bookseller from Newcastle with a Masters degree in children's literature. As you can probably tell, most of my life revolves around children's literature (when I'm not recommending books at work, I'm reading and researching them at home!) so I figured why not create a space where I can log all my thoughts and feelings about the children's and YA fiction I read?

That's what this site is: an online reading journal filled with my favourite books, upcoming titles I'm excited about, and my life as a children's bookseller. There might even be the odd post about adult books too (gasp)! 

I hope you find my bookish ramblings interesting! And if you do, be sure to get in touch! There's nothing I love more than chatting with fellow children's book lovers. Leave a comment on my posts, drop me an email, and follow me on Twitter (@LiamOwens24). Together we can conquer this addiction and find the strength to move towards adult books... or maybe we'll just fangirl about children's books together and fall further down the rabbit-hole... who knows?

Happy reading!

- Liam  

A selection of some of my favourite books
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